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About InSitu

Moving to a different country or searching for a suitable residential or commercial property can be a very daunting experience with many questions and uncertainties. 

This is where In situ comes in. 

We are a Relocations and Real Estate firm based in Kampala, Uganda that covers all aspects of moving and re-integrating our clients into their new environment.  In Situ provides a full range of personalized services for relocating professionals that includes welcoming, guiding and integrating professionals and organizations relocating to Kampala, Uganda. 

Why relocation and real estate services

The stress associated with moving or finding a new home, searching for new schools, and the requisite government paperwork is high. There are also unnecessary expenses that arise when one is unfamiliar with a city, such as overpriced temporary accommodation. Relocation and real estate assistance services ensure relocating professionals and their families start off with the guidance and support to successfully relocate to their new environment and settle down with minimum disruption.

Why In Situ

In Situ has an established personal and comprehensive service experience in all areas of relocations and real estate. This includes; consultation, appraisal, community information, moving consultation and much more.

Our personalized and professional expertise allows us to save our clients time, money and the stress of trying to fit into a new environment, or identifying property for purchase or rent. 

For corporations and organizations, our relocation services increase workers’ productivity by minimizing time spent on relocation issues, reduce costs from delayed purchases and temporary accommodations. 

Our Commitment

We dedicate ourselves to relocating professionals and their families. 

Our commitment is to provide an excellent one stop service that is personalised and memorable to ensure our customers settle down with minimum disruption.