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In situ provides real estate services to clients who are looking for suitable property in Kampala. Whether it is residential or commercial, we will identify a property to suit our client’s taste.
While In Situ is also a real estate company and manages different properties independently, we will work with other reputable real estate firms in Kampala in order to zero in on the best properties that are a fit for our clients, including negotiating best terms for leases.
We also provide services to those clients that choose to rent their homes, or those that need a temporary place to live while they wait to finalize on their home leases or purchases.
Looking for a property to buy? Our real estate specialists ensure that we get suitable property (homes, commercial property and land) for our clients based on their needs and preferences.
And if you are ready to sell, we will market your property to our customers using our extensive contacts list ensuring you get the best price that the market has to offer.

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For listed property, view the top left menu under commercial or residential properties. 

For specific properties, kindly enter your search criteria on the search feature on your left.